Intimate hygiene is as important for a man as it is for a woman. That being said, a man’s hygiene needs are different from those of a woman much like their bodies. For the longest time, intimate care has only resonated with women, but gradually men and their boys are also being taken into perspective. Much like everything else, there are multiple myths with reference to men’s intimate hygiene.

If you are showering daily, then your intimates are automatically clean

Your body does not detect water. Many believe that the soap that they apply on their body will end up cleaning your intimate because it would be clean as the soap washes down your body. Just as you shampoo your hair specifically, you also need to pay attention to intimates and wash them separately.

Condoms can solve all the cleanliness issues

Just because you are using a condom while being intimate, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need a daily intimate care routine. Although, it is a great idea to clean up both before and after the act, some men believe that there is no need to wash up at least after. The latex and other chemicals present in the condom can actually stick to the skin of your intimates and over a period of time can cause serious issues to your body. If not before, then definitely, but

make sure you wash up to save yourself future trouble.

Your soap or body wash is just fine

The body wash and soaps that we use may be good for our bodies but definitely not our intimates. Firstly, the skin of and around our intimates is extremely delicate, the harsh chemicals in soaps can cause rashes, redness and itching. Secondly, our intimates have a much more acidic pH level than the rest of our body; a disruption in this balance can cause infection, redness, rashes, dryness and itching. Just how a special product is used for your face, intimate washes are specifically designed to avoid any problems in your privates.

Just use your wife’s intimate wash

It’s not as easy as that. The same intimate hygiene wash cannot be used by both women, as they both have different bodies and hence different needs. Men’s intimate pH ranges between 5.3 – 5.8 and women’s 3.5 – 4.5. Intimate washes made for both genders are made with different ingredients. So, just because you can use her shampoo, doesn’t mean you can use her hygiene wash as well.

You can use an intimate wash on your face

You might not believe this, but people do think that intimate washes can be used as a face wash if you have oily skin. In all honesty that is not the case, Intimate washes are designed with specific qualities so that they can maintain the acidic pH level of your privates.

Although, intimate washes make you feel fresh and dry down there, it doesn’t mean that they would act in the same way on the rest of your body and especially not on your face. Using an intimate wash on your face can cause rashes and itching on the skin and for some people may also lead to serious issues.

As companies are taking interest in men’s intimate hygiene, research around this topic would also increase. Just as more information would be available, many such myths would also be created. Products are made and designed with a specific agenda and you should use them for just that. Just as the anatomy of a man and woman are different, their needs are also different. The best way to create a routine for yourself is to find products that suit your preference and

skin type and stick with them.

With inputs from Sarthak Taneja, co-founder Skin element.

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