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Innovative Business Venture: Invest Rs 5,000 To Rs 10,000 And Earn Rs 1800 To Rs 3000 Per Day – Unlocking Daily Dividends

New Delhi: The majority of young people in the nation nowadays favour starting their own business over getting a job. The main reasons for this are that they are making money and there is no work pressure to do. However, lack of funding is the main obstacle to launching your own firm. As a result, the majority of people are unable to launch their businesses.

In light of this, we have a fantastic business idea for you today. You may start this business and make big money with simply 5,000 to 10,000 rupees. Let’s take a look at the full arithmetic involved in this business venture. (Also Read: Turn Rs 50 Lakh Investment Into Rs 7 Lakh PER MONTH Earnings: Start This High-Return Business Venture)

Tea Leaves Business: Reason

A typical Indian cannot begin the day without tea, and it is a part of our daily existence. Tea is not simply a word or a beverage to us; it is an emotion. Each person’s relationship with “Chai” starts at a different point, and for many, it is the best way to deal with stress. 

While coffee is an option as well, studies show that Indians drink 30 cups of tea for every cup of coffee. Additionally, individuals drink tea in the evening, and the majority of tea drinkers even do so throughout the day.

Studies show that an average adult in India drinks two cups of tea each day, with the number of cups consumed fluctuating according to the weather and one’s mood. It is one of the main causes for why many think the tea industry is one of the most promising. Additionally, it is the greatest business to launch with little capital.

Tea Leaves Business: Reason Behind To Start It

India is the world’s second-largest producer of tea, behind China. In all, 70 percent of Indian teas are consumed within the country of India. Additionally, Assam and Darjeeling tea varietals were grown only in India. The tea market is expanding like crazy, and more brands using cutting-edge technology are being offered.

Between the early 1800s and 1947, tea was extensively grown and consumed by the British, who had first found it in India. Warren Hastings gave George Bogle permission to grow some China seedlings in 1774, but nothing else happened. Sir Joseph Banks examined the subject later in 1776, and on his advice, India started cultivating tea.

Tea Leaves Business: Investment


Only a five to ten thousand rupee investment is required to start a tea leaf business. This business has many different facets. You can exchange tea leaves for retail and wholesale pricing or sell loose tea in the market.

In addition to this, several large corporations run a franchise programme to market their loose tea. This franchise can be purchased for a very small investment, and you can then profit from sales commissions.

Tea Leaves Business: Profit

You can start off by selling 10 kg of tea leaves per day, which will bring in a daily income of Rs 600. You might make between 15 and 18 thousand rupees a month in this way. At the same time, your business will grow after a few months, and if you sell 30 to 50 kg of tea each day, you can make 1800 to 3000 rupees.




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