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Xi, Putin’s absence doesn’t have much impact on G20 Summit outcome because..: Union Minister Meenakshi Lekhi

Image Source : ANI External Affairs Meenakshi Lekhi speaks on preparations for G20 summit

Minister of State for External Affairs Meenakshi Lekhi said the absence of Chinese and Russian Presidents – Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin in the G20 Summit will have no impact on the outcome of the global event because most things have been worked at now is part of the declaration.

“It doesn’t have an impact on the outcome of the summit because most things have been worked at now is part of the declaration and I can only say that it is those countries’ prerogative to send whoever they wish to and be represented through them. Both countries are going to be represented respectively in G20 and I’m sure there would be internal reasons for those countries that they are not in a position to come.”

On India emerging as the voice of Global South, Lekhi said the G20 is a group of nations which control about 85 per cent of the global GDP, just 20 countries controlling 20 per cent of the GDP and 65 and above, close to 70 per cent of the commerce and rate, about 60 per cent of the population of the globe, so obviously, it’s a very important group.

“This very important group ends up it’s like talking amongst yourself with the policy which is going to impact everyone else, it’s going to impact the whole world because these are the people who have the financial wherewithal, but none in the room is speaking the language of rest of the countries. So, 20 versus 120. So the voice of 120 countries that represent the Global South is not reaching this place that is engaging in policy making. So just before G-20 started, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had led a south forum in which he had a conversation with Global South,” she added.

While speaking on G20 preparations, safety and security of leaders and foreign dignitaries, Lekhi said the security is concerned that arrangements are being looked after by various departments including paramilitary forces, Delhi Police and several other people.

“Everyone has contributed in whichever way they could and as a citizen of India and a resident of Delhi when I look around I feel very proud…It is a proud moment, especially for the residents of Delhi & as a citizen of India as well. The capital city should be preserved & conserved. The beautification and the entertainment part of it, India has conducted the most detailed G20. In terms of events, we have had about 52 locations and 250 plus events…All the five senses have been catered to…We have tried to show all the good things that India possesses…We have a problem of plenty because we are so rich and we have so much to showcase that in such a short span, we are not in a position to showcase everything..,” the minister said.

Delhi Police Launches Help Desk 


The Delhi Police introduced a virtual Help Desk to help delegates and other tourists visiting the national capital during the G20 Summit get real-time traffic updates for commuting in the city. 

“Our mission is to ensure a smooth and seamless travel experience for residents and visitors alike during this historic event,” the traffic police said on its help desk. The help desk, https://traffic.

delhipolice.gov.in/dtpg20info, has the facility of essential maps, police services, social media updates and medical facilities. As world leaders gather to address global challenges, our website will provide you with traffic information, road closures, alternative routes, and travel advisories to help you navigate the city efficiently and avoid potential delays,” it said.

According to police, the entire area of the New Delhi district will be considered as “Controlled Zone-I” from 5 am on September 8 to 11.59 pm on September 10.

However, bonafide residents, authorised vehicles and emergency vehicles will be allowed to travel on the road network of the New Delhi district.

India is hosting the G20 Summit and the main event will be held in New Delhi on September 9-10.

The summit is likely to be attended by 29 heads of state as well as top officials of the European Union and invited guest countries and 14 heads of international organisations.

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