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Weight loss story: 28-year old Noida man loses 48 kg in 5 months through THIS diet | – Times of India

Saarthak Aneja, 28 year old CA from Noida, Uttar Pradesh, once weighed 133.3 kilos. He used to feel lethargic, lazy, and got tired easily. His “clothes stopped fitting right and finding new clothes was a challenge,” he shared with Etimes Lifestyle. It was after he went to a birthday party and looked at the pictures that he decided to lose weight and transform his physique.

  • Name: Saarthak Aneja
  • Occupation: CA
  • Age: 28
  • Height: 5.11 ft
  • City: Noida
  • Highest weight recorded: 133.3
  • Weight lost: 48 kilos
  • Duration it took me to lose weight: 5 months

What are the lifestyle changes you made?

Intermittent fasting, no meals post 6:30-7 pm, focus on high protein meals, learning to say no to cravings and portion controls.

Daily diet plan

  • My breakfast: Amla alovera juice, 4 almonds, 4 raisins , 2 walnuts, 1 scoop protein shake
  • My lunch: Chicken salad with chach (buttermilk)/Watermelon juice
  • My dinner: Omelets/boiled eggs (Not post 6:30 PM)
  • Pre-workout meal: Was working out in the morning empty stomach to burn more calories on fasted state
  • I indulge in (What you eat on your cheat days): Butter chicken/Pizza/Momos/cheesecake
  • Low-calorie recipes I swear by: 200 gm chicken breast salad, using low fat sauces as dressing (Peri peri, barbecue and caesar)
  • Fitness secrets I unveiled: Intermittent fasting and doing workouts on empty stomach

Workout routine

“1 hour of cardio (mostly treadmill and cycling) and 1 hour of weight training. Playing badminton or cricket over weekends,” he explained his workout routine.


How do I stay motivated?

“I regularly see photos of the time when I started working out and it pushes me to not be that person again. The fact that clothes fit better, I can have all fashionable trendy clothes, and when I see myself in the mirror, it pushes me to stay motivated and focused,” he revealed.

Lessons learnt from weight loss

“Consistency can take you places. We often underestimate what can be achieved in 1 year and overestimate what can be achieved in 10 years,” he signed off.

Symptoms that seem normal but can be a sign of cardiovascular diseases

If you have a weight loss story to share, send it to us at [email protected]. These views are not generic in nature. Weight loss results vary for individuals and the views shared in this article offer no guarantee of specific results. The content is not intended in any way as a substitute for professional advice.

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