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Victory For Women Falsely Accused: Awarded Rs 37 Lakh in Menopause Discrimination Case Against Boss

New Delhi: Scottish woman Karen Farquharson, 49, was accused by her boss of using the menopause as a justification and got a settlement of Rs 37.5 lakh, or 37,000 pounds. Karen used to make Rs 38 lakh working for the engineering company Thistle Marine since 1995. She eventually quit her work, though, after certain things happened.

When she told her manager that she was going through menopause symptoms, along with worry and brain fog, in August 2021, it all began. She chose to spend two days working from home in December 2022 since she was experiencing menopausal bleeding. Additionally, there was a lot of snowfall close to her residence. (Also Read: Samsung Galaxy S23 FE Has THIS BIG SIMILARITY With Apple iPhones; Will Be Launched On…)

On her third day back at work, her employer made a snide remark, “Oh, I see you’ve made it in.” (Also Read: YouTube Revamping Its Android App? Report Says It’s Testing Redesign Interface)

Despite alerting him about her predicament, he rejected her and said that everyone had pains. Karen then made the decision to back out and file a lawsuit against the business.

Her boss said at the hearing that his remarks were unintentional and that the woman was merely attempting to obtain funding for her wedding. The judging panel, however, believed that he had lacked empathy and ordered the business to compensate Karen.

James Hendry, the panel’s chairman, was quoted by the BBC as saying that Jim Clark is best characterized as a gruff, self-made, and prosperous businessman. He undoubtedly possesses many excellent traits, but compassion for others is not one of them. We realized that, in contrast to himself, those who are unable to work as hard or without disease as he has, he has little patience or respect for them.


Karen said, “I had known this company for 27 years and they treated me like rubbish,” in a BBC interview. Mr. Clark was not a fan of change. He disliked having his knowledge challenged. He failed to adapt to the times. I made an effort to clarify several problems around what is appropriate to say and what is not, but it was met with silence.


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