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UPSC Success Story: A Cop Demanded Rs 100 Bribe And Everything Changed For Garima Singh… 1st IPS, And Then IAS… Know Her Story

The inspiring odyssey of Garima Singh chronicles her evolution from a university student facing a bribe demand of 100 rupees to her triumphant rise as an esteemed IAS officer. This narrative underscores her resilience, courage, and unwavering commitment to public service, encapsulating moments that altered her trajectory and propelled her to excel in the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examinations. From starting her career as an IPS officer to achieving the coveted IAS rank, Garima’s story embodies the spirit of unwavering determination in the face of challenges.

Early Life and Education:

Garima Singh’s journey began on February 14, 1987, in Uttar Pradesh’s Balia district. After completing her education at Delhi University’s St. Stephen’s College with a history degree, Garima embarked on a path that eventually led her to the realm of civil services. Despite her initial aspiration to become a doctor, she heeded her father’s call to serve the nation through civil services.

Confronting Corruption: A Transformative Encounter:

During her college days, Garima encountered corruption firsthand. While returning home from a mall, she found herself ensnared by a bribe demand of 100 rupees from the police. Her resolute refusal to succumb to the pressure left an indelible mark on her, fueling her determination to address such issues.

Pursuit of IPS and Beyond:

Driven by her ambition to bring about change, Garima commenced her UPSC preparation journey. Adopting a methodical study regimen, she focused on limited resources and conducted diligent revisions. In 2012, her relentless dedication bore fruit as her name graced the final list of civil services candidates, securing her the esteemed IPS position.

Transition to IAS: A Testimony to Persistence:

Garima’s pursuit didn’t culminate with her IPS appointment. She continued her service across various districts while harboring aspirations for an IAS rank. Fueling her ambitions with renewed vigor, she once again embarked on the arduous UPSC journey, clinching the remarkable 55th rank and elevating her to the esteemed role of an IAS officer.

A Beacon of Resilience and Hope:

Garima Singh’s transformation from a disheartening tryst with corruption to her emergence as an IAS officer serves as a living testament to the potential of unyielding determination and a steadfast commitment to societal well-being. Her story resonates as a beacon of hope and inspiration, showcasing the remarkable heights that can be achieved when one confronts challenges with resilience and an unwavering pursuit of their dreams. Aspiring individuals can find solace in Garima’s narrative, reaffirming that steadfast perseverance paves the way to even the loftiest goals.

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