Un-bee-lievable and Fanta-stic: Two bees work in tandem to open soda bottle, internet goes crazy

New Delhi: The social media is abuzz with a new video which shows two bees working together in synchronisation to lift open the cap of a soda bottle. The internet cannot get over how hardworking and inventive the bees are.

The video was captured in São Paulo, Brazil, and posted on Twitter Sander from the Netherlands. His profile says that he re-posts positive videos and stories of Twitter. 

Watch video here:

In the 10-second video, the two bees are seen positioning themselves on either side of the bottle and then they use their legs to push the cap up. After a few twists and turns at the cap, the bees manage to lift the top off the soda bottle as it falls on the ground.

While the users cannot get over how smart the bees are and some wondered the true meaning of team effort as displayed by the bees.

This user wonders if they put the cap back on.

While some users reminded the soda company that they have an advertising campaign ready for them.

The video has gone viral with over 3 million views, and Twitter users are more than impressed with this super teamwork.

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