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Tyson Pedro reveals reason why he likes to finish his matches early: Would rather not leave it up to judges

In sports, one of the biggest things that adds pressure on you is how you bounce back from a defeat. This can define who you are as an athlete and what you’re truly made of.

For Tyson Pedro, the defeat at UFC 284 to Modestas Bukauskas via decision saw him get a lot of flak on social media from fans, who questioned his skills and if he could actually go the distance.

This is something that would be enough to put added pressure on you before a fight. Well, not for the 31-year-old Australian.

“Naah, they can f**k about losses brother.”

“We’re in a very dangerous game where you either win or lose. And every time you’re going in there, you’re putting yourself under the, uh well, there’s always the chance that you win or lose right where it’s, the fight game. And in MMA, it’s one of the biggest risk factors of winning and losing. It’s not like a lot of other sports where, like, there’s a favourite. So, um, it only ever takes one punch. So I go out there to bring my best, and, uh, I assume my opponent’s gonna bring my best and it’s whoever turns up the best on the day,” said Pedro.

Pedro’s UFC career has been an interesting one as he has nine wins in his time with the promotion. All nine of them came in the first round, with five of them being by way of submission and four via knockout.

The Australian Light Heavyweight’s theory behind it once again shows what he is all about inside the octagon.

“We don’t get paid by the minute, Brother. So, the quicker I get it done, the quicker I can go hang out with my family and chill out. You know what I mean?”

“I like I always trained to go the distance, but if I can get it done in the first round, I’m ready to get out of there. Go home,” said Pedro.

There is a story about Pedro and his father John, a legend when it comes to MMA in Australia. The legend goes that John decided to go up against his son inside the ring before giving him the chance to pursue the sport.

After some tough love and Tyson losing a few of his front teeth, John decided to give his blessings to his son to take up the sport and pursue it. So did those early sparring sessions and knockouts by his father shape his fighting style?

Well, Pedro does admit his style has been influenced by his father, he feels the reason for finishing fights early is because he doesn’t want to live it in the hands of the judges.

“I’ve only been knocked out twice in my life and both times by my dad. So, yeah, the fighter spirit comes from my father and my family like that’s always what we’ve had in us. It’s always been about fighting. So, yeah, the finishing early. I don’t know, man. I. I just would rather not leave it up to the judges. You know what I mean? There are too many fights that, can go either way. So, I know they’re saying with it or on it, I’d rather go out on my shield or with it,” said Pedro.

There was one question left to answer for Pedro and about his upcoming fight against Anton Turkalj at UFC 293. A prediction on how things would go. While the 31-year-old refused to get stuck into the details, he once again answered in his own way and style.

“I just want extreme violence,” said Pedro.

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Published On:

Sep 6, 2023

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