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Twitter war between Arvind Kejriwal, Manohar Lal Khattar on freebies | See fiery rebuttals

Image Source : PTI Arvind Kejriwal and Manohar Lal Khattar

A war of words erupted including high drama between Chief Ministers of Delhi and Haryana a day after Manohar Lal Khattar, had said many parties offer freebies while the BJP government prioritizes skill development and training for individuals, along with providing necessary capital and grants when needed. 

On Saturday, Haryana Chief Minister Khattar, without naming anyone, had said that many parties lure people by offering free services. “There are many parties that keep raising slogans like take this for free, take that for free. The priority of our government is to meet the needs of the working person and develop him by enhancing his skills rather than inculcating the habit of freebies,” said Khattar. 

Kejriwal’s stern reaction 

In a stern reply, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said, “Khattar sir. We provide free and world-class education, free and world-class treatment in Delhi. We provide free and 24-hour electricity and water. We have started all these works in Punjab also. And the public is very happy with these facilities. Soon the people of Haryana will also get its benefits.” 

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After getting a fiery rebuttal from his Delhi counterpart, Khattar taking to X (formerly known as Twitter) steps up attack on Kejriwal and said in Hindi, “”AAP” ko muft ka khane ki aadat lagi hai. Muft ka khaya hua kab nikal jaae yeh baat “AAP” ke mantriyon se behtar kaun samajh sakta hai.” 

War of words continues 

The war of words between the leaders didn’t end there as Kejriwal again launched a blistering attack at CM Khattar on X and said, “We provide free facilities to the public with public money. It is bound to trouble you Khattar sahab. Because in your party, there is a trend of looting public money on your special friends.”

“And as far as the ministers are concerned, I have heard that nowadays you are desperately trying to save the sins of one of your ministers. After all, what is the reason that the entire BJP gets involved in saving those who misbehave with women?,” he added. 

Kejriwal in Haryana

With Haryana going to polls next year, Kejriwal, who was addressing a gathering at a party event in Bhiwani said “I want to ask you (the gathering) if we give good and free education to the poor children of this country, do we commit any sin. Giving good education to the children free, can there be anything better nation building work than this,” asked Kejriwal.

“If we build good hospitals for the poor of this country, build good Mohalla clinics and give them better treatment and make arrangements of free medicines, do we commit any sin. And then they say we are giving freebies,” he said.

“Are you not getting free electricity?

We don’t indulge in corruption like them and commit sin, he said. Referring to Khattar’s remarks on freebies, Kejriwal said, “Are you not getting free electricity? If electricity for Khattar sahib is free then should not it be free for the people of Haryana.”

He further said the electricity of Haryana ministers was also free and people are paying their cost of electricity. The cost of electricity is very high in Haryana, the AAP supremo said. Kejriwal said if the AAP forms government in Haryana, “we will provide 24-hour free power supply in Haryana” like in Delhi and Punjab.

(with inputs from PTI)

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