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Sony PS5 Slim Leaked In New Video With Thinner, Shorter Design – News18

PS5 Slim could be on its way. (Image: BwE_Dev/X)

A video and images of the purported PS5 Slim have leaked. It could be released this year for $399, with a detachable disc drive. Read on to know more.

It has been a while since the first rumors about the PS5 Slim surfaced, and the gaming community has been speculating what could the hardware revision bring. Now, we may have our first look at what appears to be the PS5 Slim—or whatever it ends up being called—thanks to a series of new images and a video showcasing the purported console in its entirety.

PS5 Slim: Similar Design But Looks Slightly Thinner, Shorter

A video leaked by X user @BwE_Dev shows a console that is similar in design to the outgoing PS5 disc model, with the same white-black color scheme and the “router-like” design it is often referred to. However, the new console appears to be both thinner and shorter, and features horizontal slits on both sides. It is unclear what these slits are for, or if they are purely for aesthetic purposes. 

Additionally, the leaked video shows the disc drive attached to the console, but it is unclear whether it is removable. In the past, there have been reports that the PS5 will have a detachable disc drive that can be sold as a separate accessory. This implies that the PS5 Slim (without the disc drive) could become the default SKU for Sony. Currently, Sony offers the PlayStation 5 in two separate models: the PS5 Disc and the PS5 Digital only console—retailing for Rs 54,990 and Rs 44,990 in the Indian market.

However, if the leaked video is showing the final, or near-final product, calling it a “slim” model may not be ideal. From a purely visual standpoint, the difference is minimal at best. In fact, the alleged slim console appears to have removed the front-facing USB-A port.

Xbox Believes The PS5 Slim Is Coming

Microsoft, too, claimed during its antitrust hearing against the FTC that the PS5 Slim could be released this year for $399—the same price as the outgoing PS5 Digital in the US.

Sony recently discounted the PS5 Disc console in various regions—including India, the UK, and more. This could be a move to clear out existing inventory before the Slim console is released.

Based on Sony’s history of launching refreshed models a few years after the launch of the original console, such as the PS3 Slim in 2009, the PS4 Slim in 2016, and the PS2 Slim after the “fat” model, it is likely that Sony will launch a PS5 Slim at a more affordable price to drive further sales. This is because hardware revisions often bring down costs. But as of yet, Sony has not made any official announcements about a possible hardware refresh.

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