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Savoring the Flavors of Diwali 2023: Unique Snacking Combinations to Try – News18

Diwali, the festival of lights, love, and unity, is also a time for thoughtful gifting. Diwali gifts are a reflection of our love and care for our loved ones. What better way to convey these sentiments than with the healthy and organic choice of dry fruits?

Saravanan Mohan, Founder, Oorla, feels, “It’s a time when homes are cleaned, gifts are exchanged, and delectable treats are prepared for loved ones. While sweet dishes often take center stage during Diwali, the festival also boasts a diverse range of savory snacks.”

Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is one of India’s most cherished celebrations and we yearn for products that are unadulterated for our loved ones. Ajeet Godara and Arvind Godara, Founders and Director, Nature Land, says, “In a market filled with options, many of which are adulterated and polished to look appealing, we stand apart. We prioritize organic integrity. Our almonds, cashews, walnuts, and raisins are nurtured by dedicated farmers using organic seeds and natural fertilizers. The result? Gifts that are 100% chemical-free, GMO-free, and packed with nature’s best nutrients.”


For Mohan, a unique and traditional combination of sweets and savories is Palakara Petti, a delicacy hailing from the southern part of India.

Palakara Petti: A Southern Delight 

Palakara Petti is a regional ensemble of dishes from Tamil Nadu, each with its unique flavor and charm. It includes:

Srivilliputhur Palkova: A sweet snack infused with the goodness of milk.

Tirunelveli Halwa: A sweet, soft, and chewy delicacy that melts in your mouth.

Karaikudi Adhirasam: A treat that evokes earthy and warm flavors.

Karur Thenga Mittai: An addictive coconut candy.

On the savory side, you’ll find:

Sattur Ribbon Seeval: A crunchy delight.

Nagercoil Nendran Chips: Sweet and savory banana chips.

Madurai Mixture: A famous snack mix.

Sattur Milagu Sev: A spicy favorite.

Palakara Petti is immensely popular in the southern part of the country, but thanks to the rise of home delivery services, you can now enjoy it anywhere in India and even around the world. “Trusted food brands like Oorla offer convenient home delivery. We package Palakara Petti in eco-friendly, reusable tins, sourcing these delectables from authentic and traditional regional shops across India. All products from Oorla are made without preservatives and artificial colors. This Diwali, consider trying Palakara Petti to give your friends and family a taste of healthy and authentic sweets and snacks,” adds Mohan.

Quality and Presentation

For Godaras’ quality isn’t just about the product; it’s also about presentation. “Our premium packaging ensures freshness, and its elegant design is sure to impress upon unwrapping, making each gift feel truly special. But our commitment goes beyond quality products. Each purchase supports traditional farmers, promoting stable, self-reliant livelihoods. Gifting from Natureland isn’t just about festive joy; it’s about fostering community, sustainability, and a brighter future. This Diwali, we have initiated the “Ye Diwali Sehat Wali” campaign to promote a healthier celebration,” echo Godaras’.

More Than Just Snacks

“Our dry fruits are more than snacks; they’re a testament to a healthy lifestyle. Rich in antioxidants, they’re perfect for an energy boost, a nutritious cereal topping, or even a delightful evening treat,” add Godaras’.

This Diwali, if you’re seeking gifts that offer taste, health, and a touch of care, consider these wholesome offerings. Here you are not just selecting a gift; you’re extending a promise of well-being and a commitment to a healthier world.

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