Politics over corpses Congress style: Harsh Vardhan’s scathing reply to Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Less than two hours after Congress leader Rahul Gandhi accused the central government of undercounting the number of deaths due to COVID-19 in the country, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan hit back at him with a counter tweet.

In a scathing reply to Gandhi, Vardhan said that doing politics over corpses was Congress’ style. He took a dig at the Congress leader for trusting a foreign publication more than the government.

“Politics on corpses, INC Style! Although vultures are disappearing from trees, it seems their spirit has been absorbed by vultures of the earth. @RahulGandhi ji trusts #NewYork more than #Delhi. One should learn to play politics on corpses from the vultures of the earth,” Vardhan tweeted.

Earlier, Gandhi shared a New York Times report titled “Just How Big Could India’s True Covid Toll Be” that said the country’s total death count due to the virus could be around 6 lakhs in “a conservative scenario”, 1.6 million in a “more likely scenario” and 4.2 million in “a worse scenario”.

“Numbers don`t lie… GOI does,” Gandhi wrote.

Several media reports have claimed that the COVID death toll in India is being under-reported. 

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