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PM Narendra Modis Governance Model: A Reflection Over Two Decades

In his two decades of leadership, spanning his tenure as Gujarat’s Chief Minister and subsequently as India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has diligently sculpted a unique model of governance. This model blends innovation, technology, and public participation to serve citizens at every level. A look at Gujarat Innovations vs. National Replications:

1. Tech Enabled Governance Model

* Gujarat: As CM of Gujarat, Narendra Modi brought the unique concept of gathering ground-level feedback and addressing grievancesusing technology in the form of SWAGAT.  This brought all stakeholders, including the common citizens, on one platform and addressed their grievances in real time. 

* India: Inspired by the success of SWAGAT, he introduced PRAGATI.The Prime Minister actively engages with various project stakeholders, ensuring a holistic 360-degree review, which encompasses feedback and communication from the public. Leveraging modern digital solutions, the platform employs a digital data bank, video conferencing, and geospatial technologies to swiftly identify and address any gaps.

2. Powering Lives

* Gujarat: Jyotigram Yojana became a national model of how to provide assured power round the clock to households, industry and agriculture.

* India: UJALA Yojana is the world’s largest zero-subsidy domestic lighting program providing sustainable lighting in India.

3. Encouraging Women Entrepreneurs

* Gujarat: Mission Mangalam succeeded in empowering women entrepreneurs to earn their livelihood and to become independent.

* India: Stand-Up India came into existence, financing enterprises spearheaded by SC/ST and women.

4. Jan Bhagidari

* Gujarat: Jan Bhagidari converted Government programmes into festivals like Rann Utsav, Nadi Utsav, Handicrafts Utsav, Vikas Utsav and Khadi Utsav.

* India: The same philosophy was expanded, giving birth to national movements like Swachh Bharat and Vocal for Local.

5. Infrastructure and Connectivity

* Gujarat: The concept of “9-Roads Network” was introduced to ensure extensive road connectivity throughout the state. It used BISAG-N satellite technology for alignment planning. 

* India: The “PM Gati Shakti Masterplan” aims for comprehensive connectivity, facilitating the smooth movement of goods, services, and citizens.

6. Blending Heritage with Modernity

* Gujarat: Gujarat Model seamlessly fused our heritage with our modern impulses. The sustained and focussed work in such areas as the Dholavira development, Developed of Buddhist circuits in Gujarat, Initiating work on Statue of Unity, Launching the Rann Utsav and Promoting Makar Sankranti Festival

* India: Restoration of several temples like Kashi Vishwanath Corridor, Mahakaal Corridor, Ayodhya Dham etc witha renewed focus on religious tourism to boost the local economy through PRASAD Scheme, HRIDAY Scheme, Swadesh Darshan scheme. 

7. Promoting Sport

* Gujarat: “Khel Mahakumbh” laid the foundation for youth to excel in sports at both national and international levels.

* India: The “Khelo India” program aims to rejuvenate India’s sports culture right from the grassroots.

PM Narendra Modi’s governance model, founded on innovation, public participation, and holistic development, has been an evolving journey from Gujarat to the entirety of India. The core principles remain consistent, even as schemes and initiatives get tailored to larger, diverse audiences.

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