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PM Modi Reiterates BJP-led NDA’s Grand Victory in 2024, Predicts Another No-trust Vote in 2028 – News18

Curated By: Saurabh Verma

Last Updated: August 10, 2023, 20:49 IST

The Prime Minister assured citizens that the people of Manipur that the state will again walk on development and the Centre will ensure it.
(Photo: YouTube/Sansad TV)

PM Modi said the opposition did not take part in discussion when crucial bills were passed by Parliament and prioritised their politics over the nation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday spoke for over two hours in Lok Sabha while replying to the debate on a no-confidence motion in which he highlighted the government’s welfare works and slammed the opposition for tarnishing India’s image and politicising the situation in Manipur.

Congress-led opposition, which has been pressing for PM Modi’s statement on Manipur violence in which over 150 people lost their lives, walked out of the lower house during his speech.

The Prime Minister began his speech by expressing gratitude to the crores of people in the country who continue to support his government. He said that the NDA and the BJP will break all records in 2024 and will come back to power with the blessings of the people. Modi also predicted the opposition will bring a no-confidence motion against his government in 2028 as well.

PM Modi said the opposition did not take part in discussion when crucial bills were passed by Parliament and prioritised their politics over the nation.

Modi’s Lok Sabha Speech: ‘I Gave Oppn 5 Yrs to Prepare, But They Are Still Bowling No Balls’ | Top Quotes

Slamming the opposition, PM Modi said their favourite slogan is “Modi teri kabr khudegi”. He said that the Opposition has a “special vardan” that if they wish bad for someone, that person only prospers. He added that the “abuses” of the Opposition have worked like a “tonic” for him.

Underlining the electoral losses of Congress and its shrinking base in several states, PM Modi said the people of India have no confidence in Congress. “In Tamil Nadu, Congress won in 1962, the people of Tamil Nadu says Congress no confidence. In Bengal, they won in 1972, people say Congress no confidence…,” he said.

The Prime Minister said they trusted Pakistan more whenever a terrorist attack took place but never paid heed to the feelings of the citizens of the country.

Modi said the Congress and its allies have a history of not trusting the inherent strength of India and its armed forces, but they reached out to separatists in Kashmir. The prime minister said when India carried out surgical strikes on terrorism, and air strikes, Congress and its allies did not believe the armed forces, they trusted the claims of the enemy.

From ‘Ostrich-like’ Oppn’s ‘Kala Teeka’ to Return of ‘Ghamandia’: Highlights of PM Modi’s Lok Sabha Speech

Taking a jibe at the opposition’s I.N.D.I.A. alliance’s name, PM Modi said they even broke India’s name and cremated UPA in Bengaluru where the meeting of 26 opposition parties was held last month.

“You are trying to pass off an old vehicle as an electric one just by applying new paint…The opposition needed ‘NDA’ to stay alive, they just added two ‘I’s to it due to their arrogance. It thinks it can increase its credibility by using INDIA name for the alliance. Nothing is Congress’ own, from its poll symbol to ideas, everything has been borrowed from someone else. Congress adopted flag similar to national tricolour to add credibility, they also ‘stole’ Gandhi surname for gains. This is not INDIA but ‘Ghamandia’ alliance; everyone there wants to be ‘groom’, be the PM. Whenever circumstances will change, knives will be out in the alliance,” he said.

PM Modi said that the government has given importance to the development of the northeast and added the “northeast is our jigar ka tukda”.

Modi also spoke in detail about his government’s development works for the entire northeastern region, noting that he alone had visited the area over 50 times and his ministers over 400 times.

On the situation in Manipur, the Prime Minister said heinous crimes against women are “unforgivable” and highlighted that the Central and state governments are their trying best to punish those guilty.

It was the Congress government under the then prime minister Indira Gandhi which used the Air Force to attack citizens in Mizoram in 1966 and also launched a military attack on Akal Takht in the 80s, he said targeting the Congress.

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