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Lionel Messi effect is real: Inter Miami co-owner Jorge Mas opens up on Argentine legend’s impact on MLS

Having a player of Lionel Messi’s caliber is not just valuable for Inter Miami’s on-field performance, but also for the international appeal and attention that his presence brings to the club and the league. Messi’s arrival has drawn the global limelight onto the American football scene, changing its international perception while raising its profile and driving unprecedented global interest.

This has translated into tangible benefits for broadcasting partners like Apple, with a significant increase in subscribers for MLS Season Pass on Apple TV. Messi’s move to Inter Miami has made MLS a more attractive product for international viewers, resulting in a boost in streaming subscriptions and viewership figures. The Messi effect extends to language demographics as well, with more than half of viewers preferring Spanish commentary during Messi’s matches, indicating the enthusiasm of his Hispanic fans.

Apple’s collaboration with MLS and Inter Miami has proven to be a soaring success. The partnership is not just about amplifying the reach of MLS content, but it is also about utilizing the star power of Messi to attract both domestic and international audience.

Inter Miami’s co-owner, Jorge Mas, outlined the measurable impact with his tweet, stating the increase in subscribers and the shift in viewership patterns. However, the Messi effect doesn’t stop here. As Inter Miami progresses in the Leagues Cup, with Messi leading the way, Apple TV+ subscriptions and viewership may skyrocket even more.

“The Messi Effect is real! Subscribers to #MLSSeasonPass on Apple TV have more than doubled since Messi joined Inter Miami CF. Also, Spanish language viewership on MLS Season Pass on Apple TV has surpassed over 50% for Messi matches and continues to rise. How exciting for a truly global fan base!” Mas tweeted.

Messi’s transfer to Inter Miami has had a profound and far-reaching impact. It has not only elevated the club’s performances on the pitch but has also had a ripple effect that has benefited its broadcast partner, Apple TV, and Major League Soccer as a whole. The Messi effect demonstrates the immense value that internationally renowned players can bring to a league, both on and off the field. His impact is redefining American soccer and breaking new ground in a sport that has historically been less popular in the United States.

Published On:

Aug 11, 2023

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