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Kajari Teej 2023: Know date, shubh muhurat, puja vidhi and more

Image Source : FREEPIK Kajari Teej 2023: Know date, shubh muhurat, puja vidhi and more

Kajari Teej is one of the most auspicious festivals celebrated in India. This festival is celebrated by married Hindu women to commemorate their husbands and seek their blessings for a happy and prosperous married life. Celebrated every year, the festival of Kajari Teej will be celebrated on September 2, 2023.

Kajari Teej is celebrated two days after Amavasya (new moon day) during the Hindu lunar month of Shravan which typically falls around July or August. On this day, married women wear new clothes and adorn themselves with jewellery and flowers. They apply mehndi on their hands and feet to celebrate the festival.

Kajari Teej Puja Vidhi

The puja of Kajari Teej begins with a holy bath in the river or a pond. After that, women worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati on this day as they are believed to be the ideal couple. Women also sing devotional songs dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati while performing the puja rituals. After performing the puja, women participate in kirtans and bhajans sung in praise of Lord Shiva at their homes. Prasad is later distributed among family members and friends in commemoration of the festival.

Kajari Teej Shubh Muhurat

The shubh muhurat or auspicious time for performing puja on Kajari Teej is from 11:50 PM (September 1) to 8:49 PM (September 2). The duration of the puja is about two hours. During this period, devotees can seek blessings from Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati for a happy and prosperous married life.

As part of Kajari Teej celebrations, women also observe fasts for the entire day without even consuming water in some cases. Fasting is believed to bring good health, fortune, well-being, and long life to their husbands. Hence, fasting is an important part of this celebration.

Apart from puja and fasting, women also indulge in fun activities such as singing folk songs, playing swings and traditional games like pithoo (a game with pebbles), kabaddi, kho kho, etc., as part of Kajari Teej celebrations.

Kajari Teej is a festival that celebrates marital bliss and devotion between partners in a marriage. So, if you are married, make sure you celebrate this festival with your spouse by performing all the traditions associated with it to make your relationship even stronger.

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