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Independence Day 2023: 10 interesting facts about Ashoka Chakra of National Flag | CHECK HERE

Image Source : INDIA TV Interesting facts about the Ashoka Chakra

Independence Day 2023: The preparation is going on in full swing as India gears up to celebrate its 77th Independence Day on August 15. So it’s only reasonable to revisit the historical moments and learn about the significant features that define India. For example, India’s national flag, also known as the Tri-colour, represents the country’s status as an Independence nation. 

The Tri-colour flag, which is an emblem of pride for every Indian, stands for the integrity of the country. The Ashok Chakra, which is represented in navy blue on a white backdrop on the Indian National Flag, is actually a representation of the Dharma chakra — a wheel with 24 spokes.

Here’re 10 interesting facts about the Ashoka Chakra: 

  1. Ashoka Chakra is represented in the middle of the flag’s tri-colour. It has twenty-four spokes and it was adopted on July 22, 1947.
  2. Ashoka Chakra is a representation of the Dharmachakra, a wheel depicted with 24 spokes. The wheel of duty is another name for the Ashoka Chakra. 
  3. Mahatma Gandhi commissioned Pingali Venkayya to design a flag on a red and green banner. Lala Hansraj had set the spinning wheel concept into motion.
  4. The ‘spinning wheel’ is termed as Ashoka Chakra as it appears on several decrees of Ashoka, the most notable among which is the Lion Capital of Ashoka.
  5. It’s interesting to note that each Ashoka Chakra spoke represents a different philosophy of life. The chakra is also known as the “Wheel of Time” because its spokes represent 24 hours of a day.
  6. The Ashoka Chakra was designed using motifs from Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism.  The motif is termed as ‘wheel of dharma’.
  7. Later, the designers of the Indian flag gave the Ashoka Chakra’s spokes a different interpretation. Each spoke stands for a value that India would continue to develop. 
  8. The Ashoka Chakra’s spokes stand for a number of values, including bravery, selflessness, endurance, righteousness, love, spiritual wisdom, morality, welfare, industry, prosperity, and faith.
  9. The 24 spokes represent the twelve causal links taught by the Buddha and ‘paticcasamuppada’ (Dependent Origination, Conditional Arising) in forward and then reverse order. The first 12 spokes represent 12 stages of suffering. The next 12 spokes represent no cause no effect. 
  10. Dr BR Ambedkar was instrumental in reviving the legacy of Ashoka, and using the Ashokan Wheel on the flag was one of the ways where he tried to memorialize the Buddhist king.

India Tv - Ashoka Chakra

Image Source : TWITTER/ @MOHUA_INDIAThe 24 wheels of the Ashoka Chakra

Meaning of Ashoka Chakra’s each spoke:

  1. The first Spoke: Chastity
  2. Second Spoke: Health
  3. Third Spoke: Peace
  4. Fourth Spoke: Sacrifice
  5. Fifth Spoke: Morality
  6. Sixth Spoke: Service
  7. Seventh Spoke: Forgiveness
  8. Eighth Spoke: Love
  9. Ninth Spoke: Friendship (To have cordial relations with all the citizens)
  10. Tenth Spoke: Fraternity (To develop a sense of brotherhood in the nation)
  11. Eleventh Spoke: Organization (Enhancing the unity and integrity of the nation)
  12. Twelfth Spoke: Welfare (Participation in welfare activities related to country and society)
  13. Thirteenth Spoke: Prosperity (Actively participate in the development of the country)
  14. Fourteenth Spoke: Industry (To assist the country in its industrial growth)
  15. Fifteen Spoke: Safety (To be always ready for the protection of the nation)
  16. Sixteenth Spoke: Awareness (To be aware of the truth and don’t believe in rumours)
  17. Seventeenth Spoke: Equality (Establishment of a society based on equality)
  18. Eighteenth Spoke: Artha ( Optimum utilization of money)
  19. Nineteenth Spoke: Policy (To have faith in the country’s policy)
  20. Twentieth Spoke: Justice (Talking about justice for all)
  21. Twenty-one Spoke: Co-operation
  22. Twenty-second Spoke: Duties
  23. Twenty-third Spoke: Rights
  24. Twenty-Fourth Spoke: Wisdom

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