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How To Watch Blue Super Moon: Your Guide to the Celestial Event of 2023

For those eagerly awaiting the celestial spectacle, today is an extraordinary day. On August 30th, a rare celestial trifecta is occurring with a Full Moon, Supermoon, and Blue Moon all coinciding. This means that the Moon will be exceptionally close to Earth, appearing about 7% larger than an average Full Moon. Now, let’s find out where and how you can witness this Blue Super Moon in India.

**Visible After Sunset**

The Moon’s lunar cycle lasts approximately one month, with us typically witnessing 12 Full Moons each year. In reality, it takes around 29.5 days for the Moon’s phases to complete, meaning it only takes 354 days to complete 12 lunar cycles. Therefore, within a calendar year, an extra 13th Full Moon is observed approximately every 2.5 years, known as a Blue Moon.

**Different Times for Different Places**

This remarkable Blue Moon can be observed shortly after sunset. On August 30, 2023, it will reach its peak at 08:37 PM (EDT), shining the brightest. Those residing in European countries can also catch this event on August 31st. In London, the Moon will rise at 8:08 PM BST, in New York, it will rise at 7:45 PM EDT, and for Los Angeles, the Moon will rise at 7:36 PM PDT.

**The Ideal Time to View the Blue Super Moon**

In simple terms, the best time to observe the Super Blue Moon is just after sunset. It’s when it appears the most beautiful. According to British Summer Time, people in London will be able to witness the Super Blue Moon from 8:08 PM onwards. In New York, the Moon will rise at 7:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time, indicating that in India, it will be daytime when the Blue Moon appears.

**Every 2 or 3 Years**

This sighting is set to occur in the United States, allowing Indian viewers to witness the Blue Moon on their phones. On the night of August 30th, at 8:37 PM EDT, the Blue Moon will be at its most radiant. This spectacle will be truly captivating, and remember that such a sight won’t be seen again for several years, as Blue Supermoons are visible only every 2 or 3 years.

So, grab your binoculars and set your alarms to catch this stunning celestial event that won’t repeat itself for a while. Enjoy the mesmerizing view of the Blue Super Moon as it graces the night sky tonight.

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