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Hijack Threat! Hyderabad Airport Receives Email Targeting Dubai-Bound Air India Flight

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGI) in Hyderabad was subjected to a concerning security incident when authorities received a hoax flight hijack threat email. Police and airport officials promptly responded to the situation, ensuring the safety of passengers and investigating the matter thoroughly.

According to the local police, an email was received by the Airport Operations Control Center (AOCC) alleging that a passenger planned to hijack a flight travelling from Air India in Hyderabad to Dubai.

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Airport authorities conducted a thorough verification process and determined that the threat was unsubstantiated. Nevertheless, a case has been officially registered, and a comprehensive investigation is currently underway to trace the source of the hoax threat.

Inspector R Srinivas of the RGI Police Station commented on the situation, stating, “A mail has been received by an Airport authority AOCC alleging that one passenger is going to Hijack on a flight travelling from Air India Hyderabad to Dubai. we have verified it and it’s not correct anyhow we have registered a case and its investigation is on”.

“Action will be taken on the person who has sent the mail and that is being investigated. All the passengers were off-loaded checked and sent on a different flight. As a precautionary measure, all passengers scheduled to board the flight in question were off-loaded, thoroughly screened, and subsequently accommodated on a different flight”, added Srinivas.

The airport authorities, along with law enforcement agencies, worked swiftly to ensure the safety and security of all passengers and the airport premises.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance and prompt response to potential threats in today’s aviation landscape. Authorities continue to prioritize passenger safety and remain committed to investigating and resolving such security incidents with utmost diligence.

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