Health worker vaccinates 6,000 people in Jammu and Kashmir`s Pulwama

New Delhi: A health worker alone has vaccinated almost six thousand people in the Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir. There is a health worker in the district hospital of Pulwama, who has taken responsibility for getting everyone vaccinated in his area. Since the commencement of the vaccination campaign, she has till now alone vaccinated almost 6000 people of area and achieved the 100 per cent target. 

30-year-old Tabasum Ara is posted as ‘Immunization Officer’ at district Hospital in Pulwama has taken oath to get everyone vaccinated so that they can get the protection from this deadly coronavirus. When the vaccination drive started after the first wave of coronavirus, Tabassum hold the forte in his area. 

In the last five months, Tabassum has done coronavirus vaccine to more than 6,000 people in Pulwama district alone, since January 16, 2021, when coronavirus vaccination program has started in the country, she has been continuously performing her duty. Tabassum hasn’t missed a single since day of office since January.

Tabassum Ara, a resident of Pair village in Pulwama, about 3 km away from the main city, comes to Hospital by foot amid lockdown every day and vaccinates more than 300 people daily. Not only she do vaccine but also inspires dozens of people to take the vaccine. During the initial phase, everyone was hesitating but she has inspired hundreds of healthcare workers and front line workers, along with the general public, to get vaccinated.

Tabassum Ara says, “First our health workers and front line workers got vaccinated. I made them understand the benefits of vaccine and we achieved 100 target of them,  then there was some difficulty in the common people, in this we had to do a lot of hectic job there were many bad rumours and people were scared. But we made them aware of it and people started coming to vaccination Center.”

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