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He Left School To Start Own Business At Age Of 13… Today He Is Known As Diamond King – Know His Story

In an awe-inspiring narrative of determination and benevolence, Savji Dholakia’s journey from a 13-year-old school dropout to a revered diamond tycoon is a testament to human resilience and compassion. Hailing from the rustic village of Dudhala in Gujarat’s Amreli district, Dholakia’s unconventional path led him to establish Shri Hari Krishna Exports, a global diamond jewelry empire. Notably, Dholakia’s legacy is not solely defined by business success; his philanthropic endeavors have touched the lives of thousands, offering homes, cars, and jewelry to over 4,000 employees. With a Padma Shri award adorning his accomplishments, Dholakia’s story serves as an embodiment of unwavering dedication and transformative impact.

From Humble Beginnings to Daring Ventures:

The Early Years Savji Dholakia’s remarkable journey traces back to his roots in the quaint village of Dudhala. At the tender age of 13, he made a bold decision to veer away from traditional educational pursuits and joined his uncle’s diamond business. This early exposure to the world of diamonds laid the foundation for his future endeavors.

A Spark Ignites:

The Genesis of Shri Hari Krishna Exports Dholakia’s unwavering determination led him to carve his own path in the diamond industry. After initially working with his uncle, he ventured into diamond polishing, honing his skills and insights over a decade. In 1991, armed with experience and ambition, Dholakia established Shri Hari Krishna Exports, marking the inception of a visionary enterprise.

Empowering Employees:

A Legacy of Benevolence Beyond business acumen, Dholakia’s hallmark has been his unwavering commitment to his employees. Acknowledging their dedication and contribution, he initiated a tradition of gifting, bestowing cars, homes, and precious jewelry upon over 4,000 employees. This philanthropic gesture extends beyond material possessions, with Dholakia annually offering tours to the parents of his employees, fostering a strong sense of community and familial bonds within his organization.

A Diamond Empire’s Ascension:

Phenomenal Growth and Recognition While Shri Hari Krishna Exports started modestly, under Dholakia’s visionary leadership, it rapidly grew into a global diamond powerhouse. The company’s turnover surged beyond INR 400 crores, showcasing Dholakia’s remarkable ability to navigate challenges and seize opportunities. With over 6,000 employees, the enterprise reflects his commitment to both sustainable business growth and employee welfare.

Honors and Legacy:

The Philanthropic Pioneer Savji Dholakia’s contributions extend beyond business realms. His philanthropic initiatives earned him the prestigious Padma Shri award, a recognition of his remarkable impact on society. Dholakia’s ethos of service and giving back echoes in his dedication to nurturing his employees as if they were his own family, thereby fostering an environment of trust, gratitude, and mutual support.


A Trailblazer of Compassion and Enterprise Savji Dholakia’s journey encapsulates the transformative power of determination, innovation, and benevolence. From an unconventional start to the helm of a global diamond empire, his story resonates as an inspiring testament to human potential. Dholakia’s legacy reminds us that success is not solely measured in material wealth but in the positive and enduring impact one leaves on the lives of others.

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