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Hannah Montana actor Mitchel Musso speaks out after arrested for alleged public intoxication and theft

Image Source : INSTAGRAM Hannah Montana actor Mitchel Musso gets arrested

The former Hannah Montana actor Mitchel Musso is claiming that he was the victim in an altercation over the weekend that resulted in his arrest. Musso was arrested on Saturday on charges of public intoxication and theft under $100 following a conflict at a motel in his hometown of Rockwall, Texas. Now the former child actor claims that he was not ‘drunk’ at the time of his arrest, and he also denies having stolen a bag of chips, contrary to what the Rockwall Police Department claimed. Musso claimed that it was the clerk of the motel who became belligerent with him, rather than the other way around.

It was previously reported that he was released on $1,000 bond shortly after being booked. Musso is best known for playing Oliver Oken opposite star Miley Cyrus on her Disney Channel series Hannah Montana, stated that, “I was absolutely not drunk or drinking and there was 100 percent no theft.” He also added that  the situation was unfortunate but was misundestanding. 

‘I haven’t lived in Rockwall for years and I guess they’d been sending it to my old house there,’ he said. ‘And it had become a warrant and they used it against me. So since then, all of those warrants have been paid and the matter has been resolved.’

‘The truth’s gonna come out,’ Musso continued. ‘I’ve never stolen anything in my life and did not steal any chips nor was I drunk or drunken or drank or inappropriate to anybody inside that hotel.’

He added that he ‘loved’ his hometown, but said it was ‘really really sad that this is what it’s come to.’ 

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