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Google Will Not Launch These 5 Things In India: All Details – News18

Last Updated: October 06, 2023, 08:30 IST

Google has launched the phones and Watch but here’s what is not coming to India

Google Pixel 8 series has launched in India this year along with the Pixel Watch 2 which suggests the company is serious but here are some that won’t launch

Google has launched multiple products in India this week and the list includes the new Pixel 8 series phones and the Pixel Watch 2 smartwatch. After a brief hiatus, Google has started focusing on India like other markets which is a refreshing change that people have welcomed. However, it is still hard to suggest that India gets all the good stuff from Google, for instance, the Pixel Fold and the Pixel tablet did not come to the country. And that’s not all, Google has decided that some of the best parts of its products will not be launched in India and the list is as big as 5 this time around.

5 Things That Google Will Not Launch In India

Pixel 8 Pro With 256GB or More Storage

Google has launched the 128GB and 256GB storage variants of the Pixel 8 in the country but when you browse through the product list for the Pixel 8 Pro variants, you only notice one model that offers 128GB storage. And it seems Google has no plans to bring the other variants to the country, probably because their prices will be well above Rs 1.2 lakh that might not be desirable to buyers in India. But if Google sees Indian as an important part of its growth, as it claims, these things matter.

No LTE Pixel Watch 2 Model

The other main product missing from the Indian catalogue is the LTE variant of the new Pixel Watch 2 smartwatch. Google has once again decided against bringing the cellular version which could have allowed the company to give buyers an Android alternative to the Apple Watch. But as things stand, the LTE variant is not expected to come anytime soon, unless something drastically changes.

New Colour Of Buds Pro

Google announced the new colours of the Pixel Buds Pro TWS earbuds at the Pixel 8 launch event, and guess what, these aren’t coming to India as well. The colours don’t really matter but it would have been nice to get the new options in the market.

No Exciting Bundle Offers for Pixel 8

It’s like Google just doesn’t fancy India in many ways. I mean, you have such interesting bundle offers in the US, where you buy the Pixel 8 Pro and Google gives you the Pixel Watch 2 or the Pixel Buds Pro for free. Even the trade-in offers make people consider buying the new Pixel phones, but in India, the best you can get is bank offers (for select cards) and exchanging your old phone for peanuts (unless you’re giving the iPhone Pro Maxs).

No Google VPN Service Again

Google has been offering its special VPN service as a part of the One subscription but that never made it to India. And once again, we don’t expect the Pixel 8 series phones to offer the service.

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