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G20 India Mobile Application: Heres How To Download, Whats The Benefit, And More About It

New Delhi: The highly anticipated G20 India Mobile App, a complete digital platform, has been released by the government to give users an engaging and educational experience leading up to the forthcoming G20 Summit in New Delhi. The app includes a number of features that will improve the experience for attendees and foreign delegates as well as make the G20 Summit accessible to a worldwide audience.

Both Android and iPhone users can download the app from the Ministry of External Affairs from their respective app stores. Officials told News18 during a media briefing that 15,000 people had downloaded the app up until Tuesday, but it is quite likely that the figure has already increased to 25,000. This application will continue to work throughout India’s G20 leadership. (Also Read: Woman Claims That Her Tinder Date Stole Designer Shoes And Gifted It To Another Girlfriend – Read Hilarious Story)

The G20 India Mobile App’s compatibility with several languages is one of its most notable aspects. English, Hindi, German, Japanese, and Portuguese are among the five official UN languages available to users, guaranteeing inclusion and accessibility for a varied international audience. (Also Read: 1 Piece Of Biscuit Costs Rs 1 Lakh: Why It Becomes Costliest Biscuit Ever? Check)

The app provides a plethora of information, including specifics about the summit’s logo, theme, and host cities, regarding the G20 Summit and India’s leadership. Users can also access pages for each G20 leader, replete with links to their official websites, enabling them to learn more about their initiatives and policies.

The app offers comprehensive information about the many workstreams and engagement groups involved in the summit for people interested in the G20’s substantive work. Users can utilise this tool to investigate the individual G20 emphasis and engagement areas.

It provides contact information for engagement groups and insights into the G20 Secretariat, promoting effective coordination and communication between stakeholders.

With the use of the app, users may enjoy virtual tours and keep up with the G20 India event schedule. The navigation feature will assist foreign delegates in choosing their starting and ending places so they may locate the path to a certain location inside the Bharat Mandapam.

The programme also features an Explore India option, which is helpful for learning about the various culture, achievements, and architecture of India.

Press releases, official documents, speeches, delegate experiences, photos, videos, and more are all available in the app’s extensive media and resources section. Through this feature, users may keep up with the G20 India narrative.




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