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Corn Flour To Lacquer Thinner, These 5 Mixtures Can Keep Your Marble Home Temple Clean – News18

Baking soda can also be used to clean marble floor stains.

Corn flour is one of the most effective ways to remove oil and grease stains from the marble.

The tradition of a home temple in Hinduism is centuries old and is strongly rooted in our culture. A home temple or mandir is a symbol of our respect towards the Lord. People tend to choose temple buildup with different materials such as wooden, glass, steel, and marble. White marbles are commonly chosen due to its stunning and classy look, but it is difficult to maintain the beauty of the marble temples. The marble can get blackened due to the oil or the smoke of the incense sticks. This space articulates 5 steps by which we can clean the marble floorings of the home temple.

Corn Flour- Corn flour is one of the most effective ways to remove the oil and grease stains from the marble. You have to sprinkle some corn over the stain and wait for approximately 20 minutes. Corn starch will absorb the oil in the meantime and you can use a clean cloth to wipe it away.

Baking soda- Baking Soda is another way to clean the stains on the marble floor. You should make a thick paste out of baking soda and a small amount of water for this purpose. Then apply the paste over the stain and cover it with plastic wrap. Wait for a day and then remove the plastic and wipe off the paste as well with a slightly wet cloth. The baking soda paste should have absorbed the stain.

Hydrogen Peroxide- Hydrogen peroxide is another commonly used substance that is used when it comes to stain removal. The amount of hydrogen peroxide you need depends on the stained area. Apply the hydrogen peroxide on the stained area and use a plastic wrapping to cover it. The rest of the steps will remain the same, as mentioned for baking soda.

Warm water and dish wash- In a spray bottle, combine a mixture of dish soap and hot water. Spread the mixture on the entire surface of the marble and then wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth. Dry with a second clean cloth as well, to make sure no moisture is left on the surface.

Lacquer Thinner- Lacquer thinner can also be used if the marble is stained with paint or ink. It is very effective in removing such stains. All you need to do is apply the thinner on the stained area and leave it for approximately 24 hours, before cleaning it using warm water. Afterwards, use a clean cloth to dry it.

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