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BJP Twisting My Statement: Udhayanidhi Stalin Amid Abolish Sanatana Dharma Remark Row; Case Filed Against Him

Chennai:  Amid a nationwide controversy triggered by his remarks on ‘Sanatan Dharma’, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin’s son and minister Udhayanidhi has now accused the Bharatiya Janata Party of ‘twisting’ his statement and spreading fake news. Talking to the reporters late on Sunday, Udhayanidhi reiterated his claim of ‘abolishing’ Sanatana Dharma and said that he will keep demanding this. “I am saying again that I only criticised Sanatana Dharma and that Sanatana Dharma should be abolished. I will say this continuously. Few are being childish saying I called for genocide while others are saying that Dravidam should be abolished. Does that mean DMKians should be killed? When PM Modi says ‘Congress Mukth Bharat’, does that mean Congressmen should be killed?” Udhayanidhi said.



He further said that he is ready for any kind of case if filed in connection with his remark. “What is Sanatana? Sanatana means nothing should be changed and all are permanent. But the Dravida model calls for change and all should be equal. BJP twisting my statement and spreading fake news, it’s their usual job. I am ready to face whatever cases they file against me. BJP is scared of the INDIA Alliance and to divert that they are saying all this…DMK’s policy is One clan, one God,” he added.

Udhayanidhi on Saturday that Sanatana Dharma is against the idea of social justice and must be “eradicated”. Stalin compared Sanatana Dharma with diseases like dengue and malaria, inviting sharp criticism from BJP leaders.

“Few things cannot be opposed; they should only be abolished. We can’t oppose Dengue, mosquitoes, Malaria, or coronavirus, we have to eradicate them. In the same way, we have to eradicate Sanatana (Sanatan Dharma). Rather than merely opposing Sanatana, it should be eradicated,” he said.,” he said.

We Are Working For 90% Hindus: DMK Amid Sanatana Dharma Row


DMK spokesperson TKS Elangovan asserted on Sunday that five religions, including Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism, had emerged in opposition to what they termed as the “so-called” Sanatana Dharma while stressing that it is DMK that is dedicated to working for the betterment of the 90 per cent of Hindus in the country.

DMK leader and son of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Udayanidhi Stalin stoked a row after he said that “Sanatan Dharma cannot be merely opposed but should be eradicated like Dengue, Mosquitoes, Malaria and Corona”.

“What Udhayanidhi said is a very simple thing. He explained what the Tamil culture is. The Tamil culture is all men are born equal…He didn’t want any difference by birth or by class…Buddhism had come in India, long back. Jainism had come in India, Sikhism had come in India…They are all against…If I talk about Christianity and Islam, they will say it is foreign. But I am talking about certain religions that had started in India only because of this so-called Sanatana. There were five religions in the North, which had come against Sanatana. It is not Udhyanidhi, it started with Gautam Buddha,” Elangovan said while speaking to ANI. 

Stressing that the DMK party is working for the people from backward classes, he said that the ruling party in Tamil Nadu is working for the 90 per cent of Hindus in the country. 

Udhayanidhi Faces Massive Backlash Over ‘Sanatan Dharma’ Remark 


The comments triggered massive backlash on social media, with many calling for a case to be filed against the Tamil Nadu minister. Udhayanidhi Stalin’s remarks came at a writers’ conference in Chennai where he said Sanatana Dharma cannot be simply opposed but must be eradicated. The Tamil Nadu minister argued that the idea is inherently regressive, dividing people on the basis of caste and gender, and is fundamentally opposed to equality and social justice.

The remarks drew immense criticism from the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), with the Bharatiya Janata Party’s senior leader and Union Home Minister Amit Shah terming it as an insult to Sanatan Dharma. 

Case Filed Against Udhayanidhi Stalin


A Supreme Court lawyer on Sunday filed a complaint with Delhi Police against Udhayanidhi Stalin, Sports Minister of the Government of Tamil Nadu and son of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu over his controversial statement on Saturday on ‘Santana Dharma’. Complainant Vineet Jindal, a practising lawyer, has claimed that Udhayanidhi Maran in a speech made a provocative, inflammatory, derogatory, and inciting statement against Sanatan Dharam.

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