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BJP Govts Policy Is To Open New Doors For Girls: PM Modi At Rozgar Mela

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday highlighted the landmark passage of the women’s reservation bill in Parliament’s new building as a transformative step for the nation while addressing the Rozgar Mela event. He also affirmed the government’s commitment to opening new opportunities for girls and urged the workforce to embrace technology for enhanced governance.

During the virtual Rozgar Mela, where appointment letters were issued to over 71,000 new government employees, PM Modi emphasized the growing role of technology in governance. He pointed out how technology adoption in government schemes has reduced corruption and complexities while enhancing credibility and convenience for citizens. He encouraged the new employees to prioritize citizens and leverage technology for better governance, citing examples like direct benefit transfers, train ticket bookings, and digital lockers.



Prime Minister Modi outlined the government’s approach, focusing on constant monitoring, mission-driven implementation, and widespread participation to achieve 100% saturation in government schemes. He highlighted the recent historic passage of the women’s reservation bill, which is set to significantly impact the country’s 50% female population, emphasizing its importance after being pending for three decades.

PM Modi acknowledged the evolving landscape for women, from increased presence in space and sports to their inclusion in the armed forces. He also emphasized the pivotal role government employees will play in realizing the vision of a developed nation by 2047, urging them to always prioritize citizens.

Addressing the new recruits, PM Modi acknowledged their familiarity with technology and urged them to integrate it effectively within their work domains. He underscored the government’s approach of a ‘New Mindset, Content Monitoring, Mission Mode Implementation, and Mass Participation’ for achieving significant goals. He mentioned the positive impact of technology on governance, highlighting advancements like Aadhaar cards, digital lockers, and eKYC in simplifying documentation processes.

“In 9 years, the government has implemented policies on a mission mode. In the past nine years, you have witnessed how technological transformation can ease governance. Earlier, people used to stand in queues at the booking counters of railway stations. Technology has overcome this problem. Aadhaar cards, digital lockers and eKYC have eliminated the complexity of documentation,” the PM added.

PM Modi reassured the new appointees that the responsibility of implementing government schemes rests on their shoulders, emphasizing that their collective involvement will amplify the speed and scale of policy implementation. The recruitment drive spans central government departments, state governments, and UTs, with the new hires set to join various Ministries and Departments, contributing to the nation’s growth.

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